Audible eXtension For Stellaris: Megacorp

Join Nate, Troy and Joshua as they discuss the Stellaris: Megacrop ReeXamination. We discuss what was left on the cutting-room floor and where this game is headed. Come and listen to what we think about Stellaris. Music for eXplorminate by Mangadrive Notes:  General discussion Stellaris: Utopia Steam page Stellaris: Apocalypse Steam page Stellaris: MegaCorp Steam page … Continue reading Audible eXtension For Stellaris: Megacorp

Stellaris: MegaCorp DLC Announced!

Stellaris, a space 4X from Paradox Interactive, has been out now for almost two and a half years. During that time, the game has changed in many ways with the various species packs (Plantoids, Humanoids), story packs (Leviathans, Synthetic Dawn, Distant Stars), and full-fledged DLC (Utopia, Apocalypse) as well as all of the free patches/updates … Continue reading Stellaris: MegaCorp DLC Announced!

Stellaris: Apocalypse Expansion Announced!

The makers of Stellaris have given us the ability to craft our own style of space empire, shown us new wonders in every part of our galaxy, and given us the tools to create our own perfect society. Now, with the announcement of the upcoming expansion, “Apocalypse,” they’re letting us burn it all down. The … Continue reading Stellaris: Apocalypse Expansion Announced!

Stellaris ReeXamination #1

The case files for Stellaris are curious. When it launched earlier this year, expectations for Paradox’s “4X meets grand strategy in space” were quite high. And for a good reason! Paradox’s long-running Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings franchises are highwater marks in the world of strategy gaming. Stellaris was poised to build on that accomplishment, … Continue reading Stellaris ReeXamination #1