Interstellar Space: Genesis Q&A

Explorminate has made a conscious effort to reach out to as many of 4X studios as possible to find out more about their projects through a series of Q&A’s. That series continues today with Praxis Games and their upcoming title Interstellar Space: Genesis. Could you start by telling us about your team? The development team … Continue reading Interstellar Space: Genesis Q&A

A Question (Or Three) Of Strategy

I sat down for my first session of Blizzard’s MOBA Heroes of the Storm. I’d watched some Let’s Plays and completed the tutorial. I’d read up on my hero of choice and studied the game mechanics and map objectives. Then, the match started. The gates opened… I realized I had no idea what to do. … Continue reading A Question (Or Three) Of Strategy

Mobile Market Machinations: An eXposition

Every so often the pendulum of conversation in eXplorminate’s discussion group swings back towards the topic of mobile gaming. The prevailing attitude appears to be one of skepticism, particularly among those who haven’t really dug into the mobile marketspace directly. Many have the perception that most mobile games are casual, free-to-play (F2P), in-app purchase (IAP) … Continue reading Mobile Market Machinations: An eXposition

Starbase Orion Interview: Rocco Bowling

Today we are interviewing Rocco Bowling, the sole mastermind behind Chimera Software. Bowling is best known for developing Starbase Orion, an exceptional 4X space strategy game available on iOS. Starbase Orion was released October 2011 and successfully (in my opinion!) took the basics of Master of Orion and translated them into a modern game that … Continue reading Starbase Orion Interview: Rocco Bowling