What’s The Future Of Civilization VI: An eXposition

Civilization VI (Civ6) came out October 21, 2016. Since its release, the game has undergone many changes with frequent seasonal updates, faction-oriented DLC releases and a full-blown expansion called Rise and Fall (Feb 2018). But Firaxis is not done yet. The next expansion, set for release on Feb 14, 2019 called Gathering Storm, is almost … Continue reading What’s The Future Of Civilization VI: An eXposition

Falling Stars: War Of Empires Review

We are currently living in a boardgame renaissance. While video games feel stuck in same-ville, the boardgame world is full of exciting innovation, risk-taking designs, and flourishing creativity. Naturally, the excitement for boardgaming has slowly spread back to the video game world, and thus we’re getting games with boardgame-influenced mechanics (such as Thea) as well … Continue reading Falling Stars: War Of Empires Review

WeX #41 – MasterOfMyHeart

Rob, Nate and Troy discuss the Endless Space 2 Gamescom footage, Master of Orion, Galacollider, Thea: The Awakening, XCOM 2 and much more! Music: 7Ghost1 by Nine Inch Nails Show Notes: Endless Space 2 Gamescom Footage Endless Space 2 Steam Page Endless Space 2 Gamescom Footage New Master of Orion Screenshots New Master of Orion … Continue reading WeX #41 – MasterOfMyHeart

Sid Meier’s Starships Review

In September 2014, 2K/Firaxis released Civilization: Beyond Earth (Civ:BE), a game that fractured the long-standing Civ community. It was an ambitious attempt that misfired at launch due to its similarities to Civilization V: Brave New World and a general lack of innovation, or “risks” as the developers put it. Instead of departing Earth to parts … Continue reading Sid Meier’s Starships Review