Friday eXcursion: Starward Rogue

Starward Rogue (SR) is a roguelike-like/lite, top-down twin-stick shooter from Arcen Games. It features bullet hell-style gameplay, interesting enemies, and random upgrades galore. Would you like to know more? Like most games developed by Arcen, SR has plenty of personality and loads of lo-fi charm that we’ve come to expect from the mad geniuses behind … Continue reading Friday eXcursion: Starward Rogue

Prepare to be Assimilated: The Roguelike-ification of Games eXposition

The world of roguelikes and roguelike-likes (i.e. games with a selection of roguelike elements) is on the rise. In some ways, I wonder whether this is driven by the Nintendo-generation’s (or earlier) nostalgia for games that were f-ing hard. The kind of hard that made you throw the controller across the room. The kind of … Continue reading Prepare to be Assimilated: The Roguelike-ification of Games eXposition

Thea: The Awakening Preview

Back in September, eXplorminate did a preview article outlining all the upcoming 4X and strategy games for our next “fiscal” year. One that we mentioned as “quickly becoming one of our most anticipated indie titles” was Thea: The Awakening. Well, the developers at Muha Games have not disappointed. Thea is something of a hybrid game. … Continue reading Thea: The Awakening Preview

Friday eXcursion: Dungeon of the Endless

Where does one even begin with this game? Where it all starts, I suppose. Dungeon of the Endless (DotE) is a title released in October of 2014 by Amplitude Studios. It is set in the same universe as the other Endless games. Why am I writing about this game now? Because it was just released … Continue reading Friday eXcursion: Dungeon of the Endless