Jon Shafer’s At the Gates Review

Disclaimer: I've already written a review of this game on my old personal site. However, I've decided to revisit Jon Shafer's At the Gates after roughly six months of patches and version changes to see how it holds up. This review hasn't changed much, except to add relevant version 1.2 information. After roughly six years … Continue reading Jon Shafer’s At the Gates Review

Master Of Orion: Conquer The Stars Review

There’s no getting around this: we walk on hallowed ground. The term “4X” was originally coined back in 1993 in an effort to describe the original Master of Orion (MoO). Twenty-three years later, the term is used to describe an entire genre of games - the genre to which eXplorminate is dedicated. In that time, the MoO franchise has … Continue reading Master Of Orion: Conquer The Stars Review

Endless Legend: Shifters Review

Even great games can get better, and Endless Legend is no exception. While the game received fantastic reviews from gaming sites around the web - including us here at eXplorminate - it still had room for improvement. For some it was the AI, for others it was more factions, and still others wanted espionage. For … Continue reading Endless Legend: Shifters Review

Crusader Kings II Review

You could describe Crusader Kings II as a medieval dynasty simulator, or a real-time pausable, grand strategy sandbox experience, but no matter how you try to boil it down, CK2 is just a beast of a game. There’s something here for everyone. Are you the warmongering “infidel” trying to burn your way to the heart … Continue reading Crusader Kings II Review

StarDrive 2: Sector Zero Review

In 2015, a massive wave of space-based 4X games crashed ashore with the release of StarDrive 2, Star Ruler 2, and Galactic Civilizations 3. 2016 is poised for an even bigger tsunami. Polaris Sector was released in March and the Master of Orion reboot hit Early Access back in February. And soon enough, Stellaris and … Continue reading StarDrive 2: Sector Zero Review

Galactic Civilizations III: Mercenaries Review

Hello, Old Friend I’ve had a strange relationship with Stardock’s Galactic Civilizations III. When it was first announced I was mad excited, ready to fork over a hundred bucks for the Founder’s Elite version. I could name my own planet? Count me in! However, this initial exuberance slowly faded into Early Access reticence. By most … Continue reading Galactic Civilizations III: Mercenaries Review