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The Stellar Monarch Has Arrived

Silver Lemur Games has announced that Pocket Space Empire is now called Stellar Monarch after leaving its Early Access cocoon and becoming a butter… Ahem, launching on December 5. Stellar Monarch is a turn-based 4X/Space Emperor Sim that values “big picture” concepts over micromanagement. What does that mean? […]

2nd Birthday Giveaway Winners!

Round #2 Winners: AndreG – Thea: the Awakening – Key Claimed MatBailie – Thea: the Awakening – Key Claimed Harley9699 – Pocket Space Empire – Key Claimed Motleycrue – Planar Conquest – FORFEIT We’d like to congratulate our round #1 giveaway winners: Cadfan – Thea: the Awakening – Key […]

WeX #40 – Stellar News!

Rob and Nate are joined by Troy as they discuss the recent Stellaris announcement, an update to At the Gates, Galactic Civilizations 3, Sorcerer King, Predestination, Pocket Space Empires and much more! Music: Bit Bossa by Azureflux Show Notes Stellaris Announcement! Paradox Interactive Official Site Stellaris Steam Page What […]