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WeX #40 – Stellar News!

Rob and Nate are joined by Troy as they discuss the recent Stellaris announcement, an update to At the Gates, Galactic Civilizations 3, Sorcerer King, Predestination, Pocket Space Empires and much more! Music: Bit Bossa by Azureflux Show Notes Stellaris Announcement! Paradox Interactive Official Site Stellaris Steam Page What […]

WeX #39 – Endless Excitement!

Rob and Nate have a lot to discuss as they missed last week due to work obligations. This week we talk about the Endless Space 2 announcement, Endless Legend: Shadows, Worlds of Magic, Oriental Empires, and much, much more. Music by Sci-Fi Industries (Song title forthcoming). Show Notes […]

WeX #38 – Wake Up Thea!

Rob and Nate discuss a new game called Thea: The Awakening, Star Ruler 2, Lord of Rigel, Pocket Space Empire and much more! They also briefly discuss the Godus controversy and ask for the group’s/audience’s input for our strategy game coverage moving forward! Music: Mole People by Jason Staczek Show […]

WeX #37 – A Sorcerer Among Us

Join Rob and Nate as they discuss the imminent release of Sorcerer King and briefly touch on the review and discuss the plethora of space 4X games on the horizon. Lots to talk about this week! Music from the upcoming Sorcerer King! Show Notes Deep Space Settlement June Update […]

WeX #36 – Better Late Than Never!

We apologize for the serious delay! Join Rob and Nate as they discuss Galacollider, Xenia’s Ark, Master of Orion Reboot, Sorcerer King, and a few other things! Music from the upcoming Sorcerer King by Stardock Show Notes Endless Space Steam Page Galacolider Combat Demo Galacolider YouTube Channel Magic: […]

WeX #35 – Holy Moly!

Rob and Nate have a lot to discuss with a recent Sorcerer King release date, Galaxia: Remember Tomorrow publisher news, our YouTube content, forum discussions and many other topics! Music: Ale’iens by Jason Covenant from the Star Ruler 2 OST. Show Notes Civilization Beyond Earth Steam Page Skype […]

Master of Orion Reboot Announced!

From the developers of World of Tanks and World of WarPlanes, Wargaming.net, comes an announcement of the revival of THE 4X game, Master of Orion. Fear not, however, it’s not a “World of Spaceships” game, but rather a legitimate 4X game, as the video description of their announcement […]