Stellaris ReeXamination #2

When Stellaris first launched in 2016, it was marketed under the slogan “Make Space Great Again.” Lately, I’ve been campaigning for Stellaris by co-opting a different American political rallying cry: “Keep Stellaris WeirdTM.” What I mean is, as Stellaris continues to grow and change (it’s basically a living organism at this point), I believe that … Continue reading Stellaris ReeXamination #2

What the 4X Genre Can Learn from War Games: an eXposition

I have a confession to make: the “4X Renaissance” has felt more like the dark ages to me.. Whether it’s the feature creep, strange design decisions, or age old problems that continue to plague the genre, I’ve had a hard time getting into most of the big, recent releases. And I don’t think I am … Continue reading What the 4X Genre Can Learn from War Games: an eXposition

Aggressors: Ancient Rome Preview

2018 is proving to be an unconventional year for 4X games. Instead of the barrage of Master of Orion 1/2 clones and the occasional fantasy offering, we’ve gotten a quick-play 4X called Space Tyrant and a post-apocalyptic title, Warhammer 40k Gladius: Relics of War. Both have been well received by our community. Next up is … Continue reading Aggressors: Ancient Rome Preview

Crossing The Rubicon: Defining The 4X-like Genre

Preface Classifying games into genres is a challenging endeavor. The terminology for describing games is often loosely defined, or is understood differently from person to person. Even when there is common language, new games are routinely created that seem to defy categorization. For instance, what was once a well-bounded RTS genre is now routinely a … Continue reading Crossing The Rubicon: Defining The 4X-like Genre

Endless Space 2 Review

Back in 2012, Amplitude Studios almost single-handedly resurrected the Space 4X genre from a cryogenic sleep with Endless Space. While it was not a perfect game by any means, its revolutionary mechanics and fantastic storylines made it an instant hit with turn-based strategy fans. To date, ES has sold well over a million copies on … Continue reading Endless Space 2 Review

Master of Orion: They’re Coming Announcement

They're baaaaaaaack... On December 1, three new races will join Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars! That is, three races who originally appeared in Master of Orion 2 but didn’t make the cut for the game we lovingly refer to as nuMoO. So they’re new/old races? Old/New? Refurbished? We’re getting dizzy just thinking about it. … Continue reading Master of Orion: They’re Coming Announcement

The 4Xperts Show #1 – Master Of Orion: Conquer The Stars

The 4Xperts Show is a new podcast created by Rob Honaker in close association with eXplorminate. It features a panel of 4X game veterans having in depth discussions about various 4X games. Some of their shows will review games, while others will revisit titles that have been out for a while and discuss feature changes … Continue reading The 4Xperts Show #1 – Master Of Orion: Conquer The Stars