2017 End of Year Statistical eXamination Part 2

You can find part one of this article series and all associated charts HERE. eXplorminate is entering its fifth calendar year of existence, thus we now have four years of market data from our time to examine. It’s been a very exciting period for 4X. Some call it a Renaissance, others a Second Golden Age, … Continue reading 2017 End of Year Statistical eXamination Part 2

Dawn Of Andromeda Review

Sometimes, the timing of a video game release impacts the success of a game as much as the quality of the final product. Dawn of Andromeda, a pausable real-time 4X space game from Grey Wolf Entertainment, could be such a game. A little history lesson first - DoA is brought to you by the lead … Continue reading Dawn Of Andromeda Review

Lords of the Black Sun Review

Lords of the Black Sun is the first major release from Portuguese indie dev company, Arkavi Studios. The developers describe their game as an “epic-sized complex and dense 4X strategy game,” so I was naturally thrilled to have the opportunity to review the title and put it to the test. Before delving into the depths … Continue reading Lords of the Black Sun Review