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Major Makeover & Upgrade Coming To GOG

Is PC gaming heading toward its own version of the Great Console Wars from the 80s and 90s? With competition between Valve’s Steam and Epic’s Epic Store heating up, CD Projekt has announced major changes to its own platform,  GOG (formerly Good Old Games), designed to compete for your gaming attention. The changes to GOG are expansive. They start with […]

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GoG’s Sudden Strike 4 Winners Announced!

Greetings and salutations eXplominators, here are the winners of the contest: dave bouillon – Prize Claimed Matthew Holloway – Prize Claimed slimboom – Prize Claimed gingerpembers – Prize Claimed xoiben – Prize Claimed Doc Hogan – Prize Claimed Rickher67 – Prize Claimed Andre – Prize Claimed gorgamelous12 – Prize Claimed Alejandro – Prize Claimed You have 72 hours to claim […]

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Devs, Want More Money?: An eXposition

Indie developers have to scrap and scramble for every dollar they get. They operate on razor-thin margins most of the time and any additional income they can generate is greatly treasured. Whether it’s through regular social media updates, posting videos on YouTube, doing Twitch streams, appearing on podcasts, or any other type of community outreach, indie devs rarely pass on […]