Interstellar Space: Genesis Q&A

Explorminate has made a conscious effort to reach out to as many of 4X studios as possible to find out more about their projects through a series of Q&A’s. That series continues today with Praxis Games and their upcoming title Interstellar Space: Genesis. Could you start by telling us about your team? The development team … Continue reading Interstellar Space: Genesis Q&A

Strategic eXpanse #34 – Strategic Warfare Part 2

Join Nate, Oliver, Mark, Joshua and Troy as they continue to discuss Warfare in 4X games and focus on the “Arc” of a 4X games. They also discuss ideas that they’d like to see developers implement in future games with a specific focus on Winning Conditions. So come, listen and tell us what you think. … Continue reading Strategic eXpanse #34 – Strategic Warfare Part 2

Oriental Empires Leaves Early Access

After what seems like an eternity in Steam’s Early Access, Oriental Empires has finally released. OE is published by Iceberg Interactive and developed by RT Smith and John Carline (aka Shining Pixel Studios), both of whom worked on the original Total War game as well as other 4X games like Armada 2526. OE has undergone … Continue reading Oriental Empires Leaves Early Access

A Question (Or Three) Of Strategy

I sat down for my first session of Blizzard’s MOBA Heroes of the Storm. I’d watched some Let’s Plays and completed the tutorial. I’d read up on my hero of choice and studied the game mechanics and map objectives. Then, the match started. The gates opened… I realized I had no idea what to do. … Continue reading A Question (Or Three) Of Strategy