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Tag: Arcen Games

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Arcen Launches Kickstarter for AI Wars II

Arcen Games has been beset by several disappointments lately, including the agonizing decision to pull its latest game: In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor. All is not lost, however! Arcen has recently announced it is returning to one of its most beloved franchises with AI War II! The original AI War was ranked #25 in Rock Paper Shotgun’s top 50 […]

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Arcen Games to Reduce Staff

Most of the time, when we bring you news about the gaming industry here at eXplorminate, it is a joy. This time, however, it isn’t. Arcen Games announced last Thursday that they would be laying off much of their staff. For those who might not be familiar, Arcen Games is producer of renowned games such as AI War, The Last […]