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Burned Land Q&A

Explorminate has made a conscious effort to reach out to as many 4X studios as possible to find out more about their projects through a series of Q&As. That series continues today with Koya Games and their upcoming title Burned Land. Could you start by telling us about your team? First, I would like to thank you for allowing me […]

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Warhammer 40K: Gladius – Chaos Space Marines DLC

It’s time for Blood for the Blood God! Already torn by constant warfare for its forgotten relics, Gladius Prime will know a new kind of dedication to destruction, for Chaos is coming to WH40K: Gladius. The Chaos Space Marines DLC will be available on July 18th, TOMORROW, and we’re very excited for it here at eXplorminate! We’ll have a Let’s […]

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Discord Server Is A GO!

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve officially launched our Discord channel! Come on down and join us in the discussion of the 4X and strategy genre’s best (and worst?) and enjoy the company of like-minded gamers. eXplorminate Discord server We’ll continue making it more and more unique and fun, so join us and enjoy what’s to come!

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Sorcerer King: Rivals Arrives.

Don’t you just hate it when a developer announces the release date for a highly anticipated game and it’s months and months away? Well, Stardock has saved you some worries – the release date for the new Rivals standalone expansion for Sorcerer King has been announced and it’s September 22. That’s like, today! Rivals adds all kinds of new goodies […]