Mobile Experience: Planar Conquest

In 1994, Microprose released the all-important third leg of their Civilization stool: Master of Magic - complementing the previous year’s release, Master of Orion, and the original Civilization. I thought MoO was just OK when it came out (I know, blasphemy), but I loved MoM. The game took everything that was great about Civ - … Continue reading Mobile Experience: Planar Conquest

Ashes of The Singularity Giveaway Winners

We'd like to congratulate our giveaway winners: iapascual SequenZz  Iwbtone Congrats to the winners. You have until Wednesday night (8pm EST) to claim the prize, if you do not, a new set of winners will be chosen. Email us at Nasarog74 @ gmail dot com to claim your key! Bonus - If we get a few more … Continue reading Ashes of The Singularity Giveaway Winners

Thea: The Awakening ReeXamination #1

On April 15th, Muha Games launched its first DLC for Thea: The Awakening. Back when I reviewed the original game, I gave it a “Recommended,” but I still had several problems with it. Thea needed better endgame challenges. It was too easy to assemble an uber stack-of-doom and throttle the high-end creatures. Further, there was … Continue reading Thea: The Awakening ReeXamination #1

Weekly eXchange # 75 – A Milestone Show

Join Rob and Nate as they bring you all the important information on all of your favorite 4X and strategy games! This week we discuss the new EL Shifter DLC, Oriental Empires and Dawn of Andromeda skipping Steam EA, why Rob was so quiet, as well as our continued coverage of: Stellaris, Master of Orion, Endless Space … Continue reading Weekly eXchange # 75 – A Milestone Show

Falling Stars: War of Empires Announcement

Greetings fellow 4X fans. Riveted Games and Lock ‘n Load Publishing have announced that Falling Stars: War of Empires will be coming out April 26th! Falling Stars: War of Empires puts you in control of how the game is played by offering unlimited customization. From the game length to victory conditions, and even fleet sizes, you … Continue reading Falling Stars: War of Empires Announcement

Pricing: An eXposition

I think that one of the most difficult decisions a developer has to make is determining what to charge for their game. It is just as difficult for those of us who comment on video games (like me) to advise developers on pricing. There are so many factors to consider. For instance, do I have … Continue reading Pricing: An eXposition

Ashes Of The Singularity Giveaway

Another week, another amazing giveaway! Stardock has been gracious enough to give us several copies of their new RTS Ashes of the Singularity to distribute to our fans. In order to be eligible, you must: Be a member of our Steam group: eXplorminate Comment below with your Steam handle and let us know you want … Continue reading Ashes Of The Singularity Giveaway