My Day at FiraxiCon

Where They’re Going, They Don’t Need Roads… It’s amazing what happens to the Civilization series when it’s not bound by the limits of historical accuracy. The last time it veered off that course we were given Alpha Centauri and that has gone down as one of the finest […]

Endless Legend Review

A sophomore slump refers to a second effort that fails to meet the expectations set by the first. Amplitude’s first effort was very solid. Endless Space came out of nowhere for a lot of people. Headed up by some ex-Ubisoft developers, they released ES in 2012 to a […]

Faction Poll

It’s the 4X Faction Showdown! What 4X game has the best factions out of any of them? We compiled a list of some of our favorites, but if we missed yours, please add it in! This poll will run until May 15th, so get your voting in now!