Endless Legend ReeXamination #3

Here we are again, re-eXamining our 2014 GotY winner. This time around, we have another mini-expansion/DLC, Shadows, to look over. With this latest offering, Amplitude Studios added a new game mechanic that we have been clamoring for since the beta: espionage. This all comes topped with new gameplay […]

WeX #43 – Shadows Await!

Rob, Nate, and Troy discuss all the new stuff with Endless Legends, Thea: The Awakening, Galacollider and get a little retrospective with the website and its one-year anniversary. Music: The Endless by FlyByNo for Endless Space Show Notes Endless Legend Steam Page Endless Legend Shadows Expansion GalaCollider Kickstarter Endless […]

eXplorminate: A Year in Review

To our dear readers: It’s been a year since this eXpedition started. In that time, eXplorminate has gone through many changes both in appearance and staff. We’ve growth from a small, two-man operation based on little more than a love for 4X games to a group with over […]

WeX #42 – Oh Oliver!

Rob, Nate, and Oliver discuss Oliver’s whole life story and his amazing master list for 4X games before they delve in to news about Galactic Civilizations 3, Star Control, Master of Orion, Thea: The Awakening and a lot more. Apologies for Rob’s volume; we’ll get that fixed for next […]

Unspoken Agreements: An eXposition

When you purchase an item, whatever the item happens to be, there is usually some type of agreement involved. Purchaser and seller agree on the service to be rendered or good delivered and the compensation. The parties share a tacit or spoken understanding of how the product or […]

Thea: the Awakening Q&A

Greetings and Salutations everyone. Nate “Nasarog” Lobos here with another Q&A session. This time, we’ll be talking to the developers from Muha Games about their upcoming release, Thea: the Awakening, a game set in Medieval-like times with a slavic twist. Founded in 2010, Muha Games is a small independent […]

WeX #41 – MasterOfMyHeart

Rob, Nate and Troy discuss the Endless Space 2 Gamescom footage, Master of Orion, Galacollider, Thea: The Awakening, XCOM 2 and much more! Music: 7Ghost1 by Nine Inch Nails Show Notes: Endless Space 2 Gamescom Footage Endless Space 2 Steam Page Endless Space 2 Gamescom Footage New Master […]