Thea: The Awakening Preview

Back in September, eXplorminate did a preview article outlining all the upcoming 4X and strategy games for our next “fiscal” year. One that we mentioned as “quickly becoming one of our most anticipated indie titles” was Thea: The Awakening. Well, the developers at Muha Games have not disappointed. […]

XCOM 2 Preview

Let me begin with a confession: I am a huge XCOM fanboy! I loved the original XCOM and its eXpansions/sequels from the ‘90s. I loved the Firaxis reboot – XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Within. I adore the Long War mod. I just love it. I didn’t even hate the 3rd-person […]

WeX #49 – Zero Hour

Join Rob and Nate as they discuss all the new Stardrive 2 DLC, Beyond Earth: Rising Tide, Endless Space 2 and much, much more! Intro by Rob, aka DevildogFF, featuring Mila Yuuki! Show Notes Stardrive 2 DLC discussion StarDrive 2 Steam Page StarDrive 2 DLC Announcement Galactic Civilizations III Steam […]

WeX #48 – Firaxicon ’15

Join Rob and Nate as they discuss the Battletech Kickstarter, Stellaris, Stardock’s recent sale and oh yeah, Firaxicon 2015 and their time with Beyond Earth: Rising Tide! Intro: WeX Intro by DJ DevildogFF ft. Mila Yuuki Outro: Terra Amata by FlyByNo for Endless Legend Show Notes Battletech Kickstarter Shadowrun Franchise […]

WeX #47 – Lord of the RulerCollider

Join Rob and Nate as they discuss Lord of Rigel, Galacollider, Star Ruler 2 (it lives!) and much, much more! Intro and Outro by Rob, aka DevildogFF Show Notes Lord of Rigel Official Site Lord of Rigel Kickstarter eXplorminate YouTube Channel GallaColider Kickstarter GallaColider Official SIte Thea: The Awakening […]