eXplorminate’s GotY/XotY Awards!

It was the weekend before Christmas, and all through the house, eXplorminate staffers argued about the best game of 2016. Not only that, they also argued about the best eXpansion of 2016. Previous awardees Endless Legend (2014’s GotY winner) and Thea: the Awakening (2015’s GotY winner) were both […]

The XX Show #7 – Indie Games.

Join Nate and Troy as they discuss indie games and the role Steam has played in promoting them. Indie games are beginning to dominate the volume of new releases on Steam, and therefore are becoming an important issue to consider. In this episode, the hosts examine to what […]

The Stellar Monarch Has Arrived

Silver Lemur Games has announced that Pocket Space Empire is now called Stellar Monarch after leaving its Early Access cocoon and becoming a butter… Ahem, launching on December 5. Stellar Monarch is a turn-based 4X/Space Emperor Sim that values “big picture” concepts over micromanagement. What does that mean? […]