Let’s eXplore Age of Wonders: Planetfall Beta

Join Rob as he eXplores the upcoming Age of Wonders: Planetfall in beta form, with less than a month left to full release. He chose the Assembly for this endeavor and hopes to show off some gameplay that you may not have seen yet. Episode 1 can be found below, while subsequent episodes can be … Continue reading Let’s eXplore Age of Wonders: Planetfall Beta

Stellaris: MegaCorp DLC Announced!

Stellaris, a space 4X from Paradox Interactive, has been out now for almost two and a half years. During that time, the game has changed in many ways with the various species packs (Plantoids, Humanoids), story packs (Leviathans, Synthetic Dawn, Distant Stars), and full-fledged DLC (Utopia, Apocalypse) as well as all of the free patches/updates … Continue reading Stellaris: MegaCorp DLC Announced!

Pax Nova Is Coming!

Iceberg Interactive announced that Grey Wolf Entertainment, makers of Dawn of Andromeda, is releasing their second game, Pax Nova, a futuristic turn-based 4X set in space. But unlike their previous game, this one will have a planetary component beyond the typical colony settlement. The story so far: Once again, Humanity has ruined the Earth. A signal … Continue reading Pax Nova Is Coming!

Star Control: Origins Preview

Of all the things I’ve had the privilege of doing here at eXplorminate, nothing would have excited my twelve-year old self more than this: I’ve gotten a sneak preview of the upcoming Star Control game from Stardock! The fine folks at Stardock gave me a chance to play the first chapter of their new game, … Continue reading Star Control: Origins Preview

The Infernally Supreme Winners Are…

Well, here. We. Go. The giveaway is over and the winners are... Gestalt - Endless Legend: Inferno - Claimed - Redeemed! Skurvy - Endless Space 2: Supremacy - Claimed - Redeemed! Rui Castro - Endless Legend: Inferno - Claimed - Redeemed! Genesis1A - Endless Space 2: Supremacy - ... - Forfeited. The first Runner-Up candidates … Continue reading The Infernally Supreme Winners Are…

Upcoming Amplitude Expansions Announced!!!

On July 26th, Amplitude announced a pair of expansions for Endless Legend and Endless Space 2. The first expansion was Inferno. You can find our initial announcement for Inferno HERE. In its latest announcement, Amplitude revealed a new faction called The Kapaku. They were on the brink of extinction when the Endless brought them to … Continue reading Upcoming Amplitude Expansions Announced!!!

eXplorminate’s Gladius Twitch Stream And Giveaway!

Greetings and salutations fellow eXplorminators. We will be streaming Warhammer 40K Gladius: Relics of War on Saturday June 2nd 7:30pm CEST - 1:30pm EST - 10:30am PST on our Twitch channel. As part of this stream, we will be giving away 3-7 beta keys for the game. So, if you'd like to try out the … Continue reading eXplorminate’s Gladius Twitch Stream And Giveaway!