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Dominions 4 Review

Dominions 4 is a turn-based fantasy strategy game produced by Illwinter. You play as a god attempting to rule the world. You use massive armies, wonderful magic, powerful artifacts and the strategic powers of a chess grand-master to defeat your enemies and ascend from Pretender God to Pantokrator […]

Warlock 2 Review

Be warned, this is an irreverant review. There, you have been warned. Is Warlock 2 a sequel? Is it a reboot? Is it both? Is there even a difference?  I have followed the game online for months and there is no general consensus. I could not form my […]

Horizon Review

For nearly two decades, the 4X space strategy genre has been dominated by a single title alone: Master of Orion 2. MoO2 has become an automatic, genre-defining standard by which to measure modern 4X titles. Nostalgia about the game’s quality may well influence this (to what degree is […]

Civilization: Beyond Earth Review

Something happened when I first saw gameplay of Civilization: Beyond Earth; I became upset. I became upset, almost angry, because I immediately thought “This is a studio-funded mod”. I was on the Firaxis Twitch channel, watching their first stream, so I began voicing that opinion and that I […]

Endless Legend Review

A sophomore slump refers to a second effort that fails to meet the expectations set by the first. Amplitude’s first effort was very solid. Endless Space came out of nowhere for a lot of people. Headed up by some ex-Ubisoft developers, they released ES in 2012 to a […]