Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide Review

Addendum Added: 11/8/2015 Rising Tide is the first expansion for Civilization: Beyond Earth (hereafter referred to by its adopted name, Civ:BERT). The expansion brings many new features to the base game: four new sponsors, a revised diplomacy system, aquatic cities, two new biomes, a few new aliens, hybrid affinities, lots of balance and bug fixes… … Continue reading Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide Review

Pandora: First Contact – Eclipse Of The Nashira Review

Pandora: First Contact, released in 2013 by Slitherine and developed by Proxy Studios is a futuristic take on mankind’s colonization of a new and alien world. As usual, the story begins as humanity has managed to completely ruin the Earth, so we have left home and brought our wasteful habits to the stars. When it … Continue reading Pandora: First Contact – Eclipse Of The Nashira Review

Distant Worlds: Universe Review

To quote one Prokhor Zakharov, “There are two kinds of ludological progress: the methodical experimentation and categorization which gradually extend the boundaries of gameplay, and the revolutionary leap of genius which redefines and transcends those boundaries. Acknowledging our debt (milwaukee attorneys) to the former, we yearn, nonetheless, for the latter.” Of course, the good Academician … Continue reading Distant Worlds: Universe Review

Mobile eXperience: Eclipse Review

A Long and Winding Prologue: Space-based 4X games, if my ludological insight is correct, were born out of tabletop wargames of the 70’s and early 80’s with titles like Stellar Conquest (1975), Outreach (1976), Imperium (1977), and Starfall (1979). Master of Orion opened the floodgates for 4X space-based video games - and the genre has … Continue reading Mobile eXperience: Eclipse Review

Galactic Civilizations 3 Review

Galactic Civilizations III is a massive game that encompasses a myriad of activities: space battles, sprawling tech trees, excellent empire management, fully customizable races, biological warfare, space pirates, giant sharks, and pretty much anything else you can imagine that might show up in outer space. GalCiv III has rekindled my love of the 4X sci-fi … Continue reading Galactic Civilizations 3 Review