Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Review

Within the strategy gaming community, Sid Meier’s Civilization needs no introduction. The decades-old franchise absolutely dwarfs the competition in sales and recognition. It’s the Saint Bernard in a field of pugs and dachshunds. It’s the Matterhorn in a field of kiddie slopes. In a genre where reaching 100,000 owners is reason to break out the … Continue reading Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Review

Mobile eXperience: Starbase Orion

While we are collectively abuzz with all things Master of Orion… You know, in light of MoO: Conquer the Stars’ recent release, it seems like a good time to talk about another Orion: Starbase Orion. Starbase Orion (henceforth Starbase) was released in October, 2011. We last talked about Starbase in our interview with solo developer … Continue reading Mobile eXperience: Starbase Orion

Planar Conquest (PC) Review

I struggled for a long time with how to approach a review for Wastelands Interactive’s Planar Conquest (PQ). To date, eXplorminate has reviewed Worlds of Magic (the “first” version of PQ), ReeXamined WoM, and reviewed the mobile version of PQ for the iOS. Graphically, the PC version of PQ remains distinct, but mechanically there is … Continue reading Planar Conquest (PC) Review

Master Of Orion: Conquer The Stars Review

There’s no getting around this: we walk on hallowed ground. The term “4X” was originally coined back in 1993 in an effort to describe the original Master of Orion (MoO). Twenty-three years later, the term is used to describe an entire genre of games - the genre to which eXplorminate is dedicated. In that time, the MoO franchise has … Continue reading Master Of Orion: Conquer The Stars Review

Endless Legend: Shifters Review

Even great games can get better, and Endless Legend is no exception. While the game received fantastic reviews from gaming sites around the web - including us here at eXplorminate - it still had room for improvement. For some it was the AI, for others it was more factions, and still others wanted espionage. For … Continue reading Endless Legend: Shifters Review

Stellaris Review

Since humanity first looked up at the skies, we have been inspired by the great inky expanse that blankets us every evening as we close our eyes and dream. That’s what space is, really. A dream of everything that might be. In many ways, space 4X games are an attempt to take those fantasies and … Continue reading Stellaris Review

Crusader Kings II Review

You could describe Crusader Kings II as a medieval dynasty simulator, or a real-time pausable, grand strategy sandbox experience, but no matter how you try to boil it down, CK2 is just a beast of a game. There’s something here for everyone. Are you the warmongering “infidel” trying to burn your way to the heart … Continue reading Crusader Kings II Review