Stellaris: Utopia Review

When Stellaris launched I was one of many to shower it with acclaim. Here was the space 4X game we’d been waiting for that would revolutionize the genre. Of course, there were problems, but Stellaris showed the promise for something great, given time. We’re now almost a year distant from that launch, and some would … Continue reading Stellaris: Utopia Review

Stellar Monarch Review

Released in December of 2016, Stellar Monarch (SM) is a Space 4X-Grand Strategy Hybrid created by one of our regular eXplorminate forum members, Chris Koźmik and his company Silver Lemur Games. Originally, the game was called Pocket Space Empire, but it was too big to fit in a pocket, so the title was changed shortly after release. … Continue reading Stellar Monarch Review

Mobile eXperience: The Battle for Polytopia

Every so often a game comes along that reaffirms my belief that things can be done differently. When it comes to 4X, so many games try to follow in the footsteps of great titles that came before. Or they try to embrace the massive, epic scale and scope - and end up drowning in their … Continue reading Mobile eXperience: The Battle for Polytopia

Stars In Shadow Review

In the Shadow of Orion The original Master of Orion, published by MicroProse waaaaaaay back in 1993, is undoubtedly a classic. I know that’s like spouting “the sky is blue” or “water is wet” around these parts. MoO1 spawned a great sequel and an arguably not-so-great sequel to that sequel. Although MoO didn’t officially create … Continue reading Stars In Shadow Review

Sorcerer King: Rivals Review

Sorcerer King (SK) was one of the more innovative 4X games released in 2015. While I believe the game had some design flaws and thematic issues, there was no denying that it added something new to the genre. For Stardock, however, SK proved to be something of a disappointment, receiving a lukewarm reception and disappointing … Continue reading Sorcerer King: Rivals Review

Endless Legend: Tempest Review

This site has said some pretty nice things about Amplitude’s Endless Legend series over the years, all of which are still well deserved. Endless Legend: Tempest is the fourth expansion to this well-received game. If you were afraid the developer might fumble the most recent addition, worry no longer. In my review for Shifters (Endless … Continue reading Endless Legend: Tempest Review