Civilization VI: Rise And Fall Review

When Sid Meier’s Civilization VI launched in October 2016, the reception wasn’t so much divisive as it was banal. There were the usual, expected complaints accompanying any new Civ game. A few people didn’t like the graphics. The AI was a misunderstood mess. Some mechanics felt better thought out than others. So on and so … Continue reading Civilization VI: Rise And Fall Review

Mobile eXperience: Civilization VI

For a game (and a series) that gets a ton of fanfare, the announcement and subsequent release of Civilization VI on the iPad (CSiP) has been relatively quiet. No months-long PR campaign full of developer diaries and pre-launch marketing blitzes. No hype train full of YouTube personalities panting breathlessly about the title’s amazing features. One … Continue reading Mobile eXperience: Civilization VI

Falling Stars: War Of Empires Review

We are currently living in a boardgame renaissance. While video games feel stuck in same-ville, the boardgame world is full of exciting innovation, risk-taking designs, and flourishing creativity. Naturally, the excitement for boardgaming has slowly spread back to the video game world, and thus we’re getting games with boardgame-influenced mechanics (such as Thea) as well … Continue reading Falling Stars: War Of Empires Review

Galactic Civilizations III: Crusade Review

Sometimes it pays to be the n00b. When Galactic Civilizations 3: Crusade was released back in May, it came to the attention of eXplorminate staff that I had yet to play any game in the GalCiv series. As such, I was uniquely suited to evaluate Crusade as a fresh 4X experience without the constant comparisons … Continue reading Galactic Civilizations III: Crusade Review

Dawn Of Andromeda Review

Sometimes, the timing of a video game release impacts the success of a game as much as the quality of the final product. Dawn of Andromeda, a pausable real-time 4X space game from Grey Wolf Entertainment, could be such a game. A little history lesson first - DoA is brought to you by the lead … Continue reading Dawn Of Andromeda Review

Endless Space 2 Review

Back in 2012, Amplitude Studios almost single-handedly resurrected the Space 4X genre from a cryogenic sleep with Endless Space. While it was not a perfect game by any means, its revolutionary mechanics and fantastic storylines made it an instant hit with turn-based strategy fans. To date, ES has sold well over a million copies on … Continue reading Endless Space 2 Review