Galactic Civilizations III ReeXamination #1

It has been nearly six months since Galactic Civilizations III launched to mostly positive reviews. I gave it a “Recommend” on the eXplorminate rating scale. While the game hasn’t slid backwards since launch, I fear that stagnation may have been just as detrimental to the overall experience. The allure of GalCiv III has long since … Continue reading Galactic Civilizations III ReeXamination #1

Endless Legend ReeXamination #3

Here we are again, re-eXamining our 2014 GotY winner. This time around, we have another mini-expansion/DLC, Shadows, to look over. With this latest offering, Amplitude Studios added a new game mechanic that we have been clamoring for since the beta: espionage. This all comes topped with new gameplay mechanics, a few general enhancements and a … Continue reading Endless Legend ReeXamination #3

Age of Wonders 3 ReeXamination #1

Disclosure: I purchased Age of Wonders III on release and was later invited by Triumph Studios to join the closed testing group to help beta test the Golden Realms expansion. I’ve continued to be a part of the closed testing group for the second expansion and have received one copy each of Golden Realms and … Continue reading Age of Wonders 3 ReeXamination #1

Europa Universalis IV ReeXamination #1

Paradox’s DLC strategy is a pricing model I’d like to see other game developers adopt. With each of their mini-expansions, they release a fairly substantial patch that fixes bugs, polishes existing content, as well as adding new content to introduce or extend gameplay. For the players who want more, and are willing to pay for … Continue reading Europa Universalis IV ReeXamination #1

Endless Legend ReeXamination #1

A few short months after Endless Legend was released and we've already seen two patches for it in the form of "add-ons". The first, titled "Shades of Alteration", brought about some minor bug fixes, some extra quests (including a somewhat Halloween-themed one) and most importantly to some, modding support. The second, titled "Visions of the … Continue reading Endless Legend ReeXamination #1