The Harvester Heresy: An eXposition

Master of Orion III had great ideas. There. I said it. Master of Orion III was justifiably trashed by critics and reviled by the strategy gaming community, but it did some wonderful things - it did most of these things very poorly, or cut them down to just a fraction of their original promise - … Continue reading The Harvester Heresy: An eXposition

eXtraneous Opinion: Stellaris

Stellaris has been in our paws (or jaws?) for about a month now, and by most accounts it has been a resounding success, both critically and commercially. The game took bold steps to move the genre towards a new, undiscovered country - the game’s impact seems to be among the more far-reaching compared to other … Continue reading eXtraneous Opinion: Stellaris

Monday Modness: StarDrive 2 Community AI Patch

We here at eXplorminate like to take matters into our own hands. In my review for StarDrive 2: Sector Zero, the big thing holding the game back was how the mid- and late-game AI struggled to put up a decent fight. Thankfully, enough other people in the eXplorminate family saw the same problem - and … Continue reading Monday Modness: StarDrive 2 Community AI Patch

Mobile Market Machinations: An eXposition

Every so often the pendulum of conversation in eXplorminate’s discussion group swings back towards the topic of mobile gaming. The prevailing attitude appears to be one of skepticism, particularly among those who haven’t really dug into the mobile marketspace directly. Many have the perception that most mobile games are casual, free-to-play (F2P), in-app purchase (IAP) … Continue reading Mobile Market Machinations: An eXposition

Pricing: An eXposition

I think that one of the most difficult decisions a developer has to make is determining what to charge for their game. It is just as difficult for those of us who comment on video games (like me) to advise developers on pricing. There are so many factors to consider. For instance, do I have … Continue reading Pricing: An eXposition

Theme: An Exposition

When talking about theme in video games, it’s a struggle just to settle on a definition. In pop-culture, theme can describe the style of decorations used for a party, the sub-genre for a movie, how all the furniture in a room has the same accents, and occasionally people will use theme in the LIT 101 … Continue reading Theme: An Exposition

Monday Modness – Distant Worlds: Universe

DasTactic aka DAS24680 - Distant Worlds: Universe Welcome to week six of our Monday Modness series. Modders have many skills, and some of them utilize those skillsets to reach their audience in unique ways. This week we’re going to interview DasTactic, formerly known as DAS24680. I’ve been watching his YouTube videos for a good long … Continue reading Monday Modness – Distant Worlds: Universe