The Core Mechanism of 4X Part 2: An eXposition

In Part 1, we defined the core mechanic for 4X and illustrated how it could be seen in exploration, research, and diplomacy. In part 2, we continue examining how the core mechanism manifests itself in other aspects of play. Unlocking Tools for Victory in eXtermination Combat is a major system that might seem like it … Continue reading The Core Mechanism of 4X Part 2: An eXposition

Nate Asked – Day 2

Greetings and Salutations eXplorminators, here is part two of the series. Enjoy   Joshua Why talk about the games I’m not playing? I guess it says as much about the state of gaming today as those that I do put time into. It’s been a heck of a year for our favorite hobby, but that … Continue reading Nate Asked – Day 2

Nate Asked – Day 1

Troy’s Reflection on the Last Year  Nate asked the staff to write about games we wanted to play from the last year but couldn’t for whatever reason. I told him, there were no such games. For me, the last 12 months have been a bit of a hangover from the previous 12. From late 2015 … Continue reading Nate Asked – Day 1

eXplorminate’s 3rd Year

Greetings and salutations eXplorminators! Another year has come and gone. It was an exciting one at that with a lot of surprises, both good and bad. I'm sure you are wondering what I mean by that. Well, let me tell you. This year saw the official departure of our founder, Rob “Devildog” Honaker. We all … Continue reading eXplorminate’s 3rd Year

The Core Mechanism Of 4X Part 1: An eXposition

I recently got into a debate with my good friend and colleague Oliver on our internal eXplorminate forums about what is or isn’t a 4X game. The staff has these debates every now and then, usually sparked by a game that doesn’t exactly fit the pure 4X definition - games like Total War: Warhammer, Sorcerer … Continue reading The Core Mechanism Of 4X Part 1: An eXposition

AI, Civilization VI Edition: An eXposition

Civilization VI  has been out for about eight months now and, while everyone has their own opinions of what works and what doesn’t, the one thing that has been almost universally decried is the AI. The list of complaints is almost as epic as the game itself: The other leaders are unreliable, flitting from friend … Continue reading AI, Civilization VI Edition: An eXposition

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

With the release of Endless Space 2 (ES2), a wave in the space 4X ocean has crested. The “Big 4” space 4X games –  Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars (MoO:CTS), Galactic Civilizations III (GalCiv3), Stellaris and ES2 – have all landed within the past year along with major expansions for GalCiv3 and Stellaris amidst … Continue reading All That Glitters Is Not Gold