Monday eXcursion: Divinity – Original Sin 2

No one has as many friends as the man with many cheeses! In the summer of 2014 a little role-playing game titled Divinity: Original Sin was released. It was an amazing RPG and easily my favorite game that year. (It also gave me the quote above, which still makes me chuckle… Seriously, I’ll never forget … Continue reading Monday eXcursion: Divinity – Original Sin 2

Monday eXcursion – Field Of Glory II

Field of Glory II (FOG2) is a turn-based, tactical wargame developed by Byzantine Games set in the ancient Mediterranean and surrounding areas. The game is almost entirely focused on making battlefield decisions and moving units around the map. Does FOG2 flank the opponent and win the day? Or does it break and run in the … Continue reading Monday eXcursion – Field Of Glory II

Monday eXcursion: Ancient Frontier

Historians, etymologists, and lexicographers may argue about the exact origins of the idiom “grain of salt,” but it’s clear that it has been a part of the English language since the Middle Ages. The phrase originates from Pliny the Elder’s account of the great monarch Mithridates who was obsessed with preventing himself from sharing his … Continue reading Monday eXcursion: Ancient Frontier

Monday eXcursion: Total War – Warhammer 2

Sequels can be hard to pull off. Books, movies, and games all ride on the hopes and dreams of fans that are looking for something bigger and better than the original. I am happy to say that for this fan, Total War: Warhammer 2 (TW2) has largely pulled the whole sequel thing off. Or to … Continue reading Monday eXcursion: Total War – Warhammer 2

Monday eXcursion: Aven Colony

Though they don’t figure into the game at all, Aven Colony makes me think about the Transformers. In the 1980s, Transformers were one of the coolest toys out there -- vehicles or objects that could transform into robots. There were also the Gobots - vehicles or objects that… Could transform. Into robots. Transformers were cool, … Continue reading Monday eXcursion: Aven Colony

Monday eXcursion: Starpoint Gemini Warlords

Welcome one, welcome all. Starpoint Gemini: Warlords is here to satisfy your space pilot simulator needs. Or maybe space captain simulator needs. No, that’s not right, you are actually a captain of a ship, or maybe an admiral of a fleet. Nope, that’s not it either. A CEO of a space corporation, or a sector … Continue reading Monday eXcursion: Starpoint Gemini Warlords

Monday eXcursion: The Great Whale Road

The Great Whale Road (GWR) is a tactical RPG from Sunburned Games set way back in the good old Viking days that seem to be so popular lately (see also: The History Channel…). Your character starts as the newly minted, albeit unlikely, new village chief after the old chief got himself killed off by a … Continue reading Monday eXcursion: The Great Whale Road