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Category: eXcursions

eXcursions 14

Monday eXcursion: Warhammer – Vermintide 2

Unless you are striving to avoid all things geek, then surely you’ve heard of Warhammer. You know, that Warhammer. The glorious spawn of Games Workshops, whose name is synonymous with fantasy awesomeness, strategy and tactics games, and unfortunately questionable business practices. But it’s a hell of franchise any way you slice it. For decades, the original Warhammer Fantasy Battle game […]

eXcursions 4

Broday Broscursion: Broforce

My friends and I have an unspoken and inconsistent tradition of buying each other games around Christmas time. There’s about 7-8 of us that have known each other for 20+ years. We also gift games randomly at other times of the year, and sometimes one of us watches a video and decides some of us “just have to have” a […]

City Builder 3

Mobile eXperience: Pocket City

As our beloved 4X Golden Age slowly sinks into the deeper oranges of sunset, it’s clear that the sun has risen on a new era of city builder games. While developers continue to iterate on the established norms of the genre, players have plenty of options when it comes to constructing the metropolis of their dreams/nightmares. But what if you […]

eXcursions 4

Monday eXcursion: Wars of Succession

“In 1688 Europe drew swords in a quarrel which, with one uneasy interlude, was to last for a quarter of a century. Since the duel between Rome and Carthage there had been no such world war.” Winston Churchill – Marlborough His Life And Times. The 127 year period between 1688 (England’s “Glorious Revolution”) and 1815 (the defeat of Napoleon) has […]

eXcursions 2

Monday eXcursion: Warbanners

Every now and then I want to take a break from the super complex games that fill my Steam library and just play something more straightforward. Thankfully, the most recent time I felt I needed such a break, I had the perfect game lined up and ready to go. Or, at least I thought I did. Warbanners is a strategy […]

eXcursions 9

Monday eXcursion: BATTLETECH

Reactor: Online All systems nominal in my gaming life, y’all. I’m not even going to pretend to be unbiased about BattleTech. I definitely have criticisms of this title and I’ll lay those out, but you’re reading a piece written by a guy who bought manuals and miniatures for the tabletop game when he was 15 and this game takes me […]

eXcursions 4

Monday eXcursion: Frostpunk

Frostpunk is an exercise in misery. The latest city builder amongst many (SimCity, Cities: Skylines (C:S), the Anno series, Aven Colony, Surviving Mars and more), Frostpunk attempts something more than just the same old optimized living/working space,  building-placement puzzle. Frostpunk demands you ask yourself, again and again, how far you’ll go to ensure your people’s survival. In that way, Frostpunk […]