Monday eXcursion: Warhammer – Vermintide 2

Unless you are striving to avoid all things geek, then surely you’ve heard of Warhammer. You know, that Warhammer. The glorious spawn of Games Workshops, whose name is synonymous with fantasy awesomeness, strategy and tactics games, and unfortunately questionable business practices. But it’s a hell of franchise any way you slice it. For decades, the … Continue reading Monday eXcursion: Warhammer – Vermintide 2

Monday eXcursion: Star Control Origins

Accolade published Star Control II: The Ur Quan Masters in 1992. PC gaming was - if not in its infancy - a drooling, stumbling toddler. The original Civilization had only just released the previous year. It was an early time in game design and most of the tropes, conventions, and even the genres we’re so … Continue reading Monday eXcursion: Star Control Origins

Cardboard eXcursion – Raiders Of The North Sea

Like any card carrying geek, I have an instinctual attraction to Vikings and Norse mythology. Mead halls and raiding. Longships and battle axes. Godly offerings and plunder. Romanticizing about Viking life and forgetting about all the cruelty and chaos that came with it is easy, making it a great subject for games. And as an … Continue reading Cardboard eXcursion – Raiders Of The North Sea

Mobile eXperience: Pocket City

As our beloved 4X Golden Age slowly sinks into the deeper oranges of sunset, it’s clear that the sun has risen on a new era of city builder games. While developers continue to iterate on the established norms of the genre, players have plenty of options when it comes to constructing the metropolis of their … Continue reading Mobile eXperience: Pocket City