The Infernally Supreme Winners Are…

Well, here. We. Go. The giveaway is over and the winners are... Gestalt - Endless Legend: Inferno - Claimed - Redeemed! Skurvy - Endless Space 2: Supremacy - Claimed - Redeemed! Rui Castro - Endless Legend: Inferno - Claimed - Redeemed! Genesis1A - Endless Space 2: Supremacy - ... - Forfeited. The first Runner-Up candidates … Continue reading The Infernally Supreme Winners Are…

Infernally Supreme Giveaway!

Amplitude Studios is getting HOT! Both Endless Space 2 and Endless Legend just got new content, and we’re excited about it. The Supremacy DLC for ES2 brings back a fan favorite faction, the Hissho along with their Honor (Kei), as well as adding a new ship class, the behemoth, and all the mechanics needed to … Continue reading Infernally Supreme Giveaway!

eXplorminate’s Gladius Twitch Stream And Giveaway!

Greetings and salutations fellow eXplorminators. We will be streaming Warhammer 40K Gladius: Relics of War on Saturday June 2nd 7:30pm CEST - 1:30pm EST - 10:30am PST on our Twitch channel. As part of this stream, we will be giving away 3-7 beta keys for the game. So, if you'd like to try out the … Continue reading eXplorminate’s Gladius Twitch Stream And Giveaway!

Post Human W.A.R. Winners Announced!

Greetings and salutations eXplominators, here are the winners of the contest:   MoRmEnGiL - Prize Claimed roel1976 - Forfeit  Reelects - Prize Claimed The Old Farmer - Prize Claimed Runner-up Winner - Matthew Holloway (@Loony_Tic) - Prize Claimed   You have 72 hours to claim this key. That means that on Monday January 22, 2018 the runner-ups will … Continue reading Post Human W.A.R. Winners Announced!