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Age of Wonders: Planetfall Announced!

Triumph Studios has finally stopped teasing us on the eXplorminate forums and announced Age of Wonders: Planetfall at PDXcon! AoW: Planetfall is a science fiction-themed empire builder and planetary conquest game set in the ruins of a fallen galactic empire. The game will feature Triumph’s industry-leading, turn-based, tactical […]

Aggressors: Ancient Rome Is Coming

  Too many space 4X games got you down? Don’t worry, the fine folks at Slitherine Games are here to help with a new historical 4X title, Aggressors: Ancient Rome, set to release Q3 2018. AAR is a turn-based, 4X game set in the ancient world where players […]

The Winners Are…

So, are you ready? Good, good. The round 3 winners (where everyone wins) are as follows: BTAxis – Missed Opportunity? Yea. unholyFroggod – Prize Claimed – Boxy good time. nexus2004 – Missed Opportunity? Yea. SilasOfBorg – Prize Claimed – Driven to success. KoynePurse – Prize Claimed – Quest Conquered!  I […]

Victoria III Revealed!

eXplorimate is excited to bring you the latest in Internet-wide exclusive news about everyone’s favorite Grand Strategy developer. That’s right! Paradox Interactive will be releasing Victoria 3: Capitalist Boogaloo some time in Q4 2018. The initial information came from our crack squad of volunteer data ninjas, who accidentally […]

Thea 2: Development Update

We haven’t updated our fans about Thea 2: The Shattering since September of last year, so we figured it was about time let everyone what’s going on with Muha’s development. New Deities Among the new content under development for Thea 2 is a revised pantheon. The original game […]

Stellaris: Apocalypse Q&A

Apocalypse is imminent! No, not the Biblical end of all things, but rather the Stellaris Apocalypse. This is the new expansion for the space 4X that will affect everything we’ve known about the game since it launched. With major changes on the way in the accompanying Cherryh patch, […]

What Is 10 Crowns?

One of the legends of 4X game design is turning his attention back to our favorite genre. Soren Johnson, lead designer of the amazing Civilization IV, and his studio Mohawk Games recently announced their new historical 4X title, 10 Crowns. Mohawk Games is teaming up with publisher Starbreeze […]