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Polaris Sector Review

When delivering a new product into the hands of a media-oversaturated audience, timing is everything – and it is fickle. A strong title released at the right time can ride a wave of enthusiasm all the way to the bank. Or, it can find itself smashed by that […]

Stellaris Release Date Announced!

At long last, we know when Paradox’s Stellaris will be in our grubby little hands! May 9th, 2016 Stellaris Trailer That’s right. In less than two months, we’ll be playing one of our most anticipated games of the year and perhaps one of the most anticipated 4X games of […]

Planar Conquest Q&A

Planar Conquest (PQ) is the latest game by developer Wastelands Interactive. Wastelands was featured in Polygon’s article about up-and-coming Polish game developers. If certain elements of PQ look familiar to you, it’s because they are. PQ is an updated, mobile version of Worlds of Magic, which was released […]

Theme: An Exposition

When talking about theme in video games, it’s a struggle just to settle on a definition. In pop-culture, theme can describe the style of decorations used for a party, the sub-genre for a movie, how all the furniture in a room has the same accents, and occasionally people […]