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Stellaris Review

Since humanity first looked up at the skies, we have been inspired by the great inky expanse that blankets us every evening as we close our eyes and dream. That’s what space is, really. A dream of everything that might be. In many ways, space 4X games are […]

Crusader Kings II Review

You could describe Crusader Kings II as a medieval dynasty simulator, or a real-time pausable, grand strategy sandbox experience, but no matter how you try to boil it down, CK2 is just a beast of a game. There’s something here for everyone. Are you the warmongering “infidel” trying […]

Stars in Shadow Publisher Announcement

Iceberg Interactive, Dutch publisher of such smash hits as the Endless games (both Space and Legend flavors), StarDrive, and Armada 2526, has announced that they will also publish Stars in Shadow by Ashdar Games! Stars in Shadow, due to launch later this year, promises the full 4X experience […]