Thea: The Awakening Preview

Back in September, eXplorminate did a preview article outlining all the upcoming 4X and strategy games for our next “fiscal” year. One that we mentioned as “quickly becoming one of our most anticipated indie titles” was Thea: The Awakening. Well, the developers at Muha Games have not disappointed. Thea is something of a hybrid game. … Continue reading Thea: The Awakening Preview

Friday eXcursion: World of Warships

In the mid-2000s a simple mod reshaped the gaming world. That mod was Defense of the Ancients or “Dota” for Warcraft III. It was a simple idea: take the best parts of the RTS and MMORPG genres and mash them together into a new genre dubbed the “Massive Online Battle Arena” or “MOBA.” From that … Continue reading Friday eXcursion: World of Warships

Kickin’ Ain’t Easy: An eXposition

One of the major forces in game experimentation and development today is, without a doubt, crowdfunding. Video games have raised millions upon millions of dollars over the last half-decade from numerous sites. The behemoth in this sector is Kickstarter. Nowadays it’s commonplace to hear of a new game project that is launching a Kickstarter campaign … Continue reading Kickin’ Ain’t Easy: An eXposition