Thea: The Awakening ReeXamination #1

On April 15th, Muha Games launched its first DLC for Thea: The Awakening. Back when I reviewed the original game, I gave it a “Recommended,” but I still had several problems with it. Thea needed better endgame challenges. It was too easy to assemble an uber stack-of-doom and throttle the high-end creatures. Further, there was … Continue reading Thea: The Awakening ReeXamination #1

Pricing: An eXposition

I think that one of the most difficult decisions a developer has to make is determining what to charge for their game. It is just as difficult for those of us who comment on video games (like me) to advise developers on pricing. There are so many factors to consider. For instance, do I have … Continue reading Pricing: An eXposition

Thea: The Awakening Giants Q&A

As we move from winter into spring, companies are starting to roll out their new games and DLCs. Muha Games, producer of our 2015 game of the year Thea: The Awakening, is no exception. Soon they will be launching Giants, their first DLC for Thea. We contacted Khash (lead programmer) and Yuuki (lead designer) who … Continue reading Thea: The Awakening Giants Q&A

Planar Conquest Q&A

Planar Conquest (PQ) is the latest game by developer Wastelands Interactive. Wastelands was featured in Polygon’s article about up-and-coming Polish game developers. If certain elements of PQ look familiar to you, it’s because they are. PQ is an updated, mobile version of Worlds of Magic, which was released last year. Wastelands has reimagined the game, … Continue reading Planar Conquest Q&A

Theme: An Exposition

When talking about theme in video games, it’s a struggle just to settle on a definition. In pop-culture, theme can describe the style of decorations used for a party, the sub-genre for a movie, how all the furniture in a room has the same accents, and occasionally people will use theme in the LIT 101 … Continue reading Theme: An Exposition