2017 End of Year Statistical Examination – Part 1

For the third year now, I am endeavoring to examine the 4X game market. Just to review, I’m looking at data strictly from the birth of eXplorminate through 2017. Part of this is personal - we’re proud of the effect our site has had on the 4X community. Part is practical: data prior to 2014 … Continue reading 2017 End of Year Statistical Examination – Part 1

The Core Mechanism of 4X Part 2: An eXposition

In Part 1, we defined the core mechanic for 4X and illustrated how it could be seen in exploration, research, and diplomacy. In part 2, we continue examining how the core mechanism manifests itself in other aspects of play. Unlocking Tools for Victory in eXtermination Combat is a major system that might seem like it … Continue reading The Core Mechanism of 4X Part 2: An eXposition

The Core Mechanism Of 4X Part 1: An eXposition

I recently got into a debate with my good friend and colleague Oliver on our internal eXplorminate forums about what is or isn’t a 4X game. The staff has these debates every now and then, usually sparked by a game that doesn’t exactly fit the pure 4X definition - games like Total War: Warhammer, Sorcerer … Continue reading The Core Mechanism Of 4X Part 1: An eXposition

Endless Space 2 Review

Back in 2012, Amplitude Studios almost single-handedly resurrected the Space 4X genre from a cryogenic sleep with Endless Space. While it was not a perfect game by any means, its revolutionary mechanics and fantastic storylines made it an instant hit with turn-based strategy fans. To date, ES has sold well over a million copies on … Continue reading Endless Space 2 Review

Empires In Ruins Q&A

Empires in Ruins by Hammer and Ravens Games is a story-focused 4X game that focuses on combat and empire management. It mashes up design aspects from Tower Defense and Real Time Strategy games to create an intense 4X experience for the player. We sat down with the lead developer, Emiliano Pastorelli, to discuss his new … Continue reading Empires In Ruins Q&A

Driftland: The Magic Revival Q&A

Driftland: The Magic Revival is a real-time 4X strategy game that also incorporates elements of classic god games like Godus or Populous. The setting is an archipelago of magical islands in the vein of Eador: Master of the Broken Worlds and Warlock II. We got in touch with lead developer Michal Sokolski for a Q&A … Continue reading Driftland: The Magic Revival Q&A

Children Of The Galaxy Q&A

2017 is shaping up to be another banner year for space 4X games. There  is a whole slate in development, including Children of the Galaxy by Empty Keys. We got together with the lead developer, Filip, who was kind enough to answer some questions about his company’s upcoming title. We hope you enjoy what he … Continue reading Children Of The Galaxy Q&A