Monday eXcursion: Divinity – Original Sin 2

No one has as many friends as the man with many cheeses! In the summer of 2014 a little role-playing game titled Divinity: Original Sin was released. It was an amazing RPG and easily my favorite game that year. (It also gave me the quote above, which still makes me chuckle… Seriously, I’ll never forget … Continue reading Monday eXcursion: Divinity – Original Sin 2

Monday eXcursion: Starpoint Gemini Warlords

Welcome one, welcome all. Starpoint Gemini: Warlords is here to satisfy your space pilot simulator needs. Or maybe space captain simulator needs. No, that’s not right, you are actually a captain of a ship, or maybe an admiral of a fleet. Nope, that’s not it either. A CEO of a space corporation, or a sector … Continue reading Monday eXcursion: Starpoint Gemini Warlords

Monday eXcursion: Shadow Tactics – Blades of the Shogun

Sense of Wonder The older I get, the harder it is to find a sense of wonder… In my games. Sad but true. Sure, there’s plenty of fun to be had, but finding that one game that really clicks and creates those rare hours of complete gaming bliss? Those are next to impossible to find. … Continue reading Monday eXcursion: Shadow Tactics – Blades of the Shogun

Stars In Shadow Review

In the Shadow of Orion The original Master of Orion, published by MicroProse waaaaaaay back in 1993, is undoubtedly a classic. I know that’s like spouting “the sky is blue” or “water is wet” around these parts. MoO1 spawned a great sequel and an arguably not-so-great sequel to that sequel. Although MoO didn’t officially create … Continue reading Stars In Shadow Review

Friday eXcursion: Unclaimed World

Troy stared blankly at his two companions and said, “Yep, we’re stranded.” Oliver looked nonplussed, maybe close to tears. Nate, however, looked from Troy to Oliver to the catamaran then, finally, out to sea. The wheels in his head were already turning. The three of them had set out on their rented catamaran for a … Continue reading Friday eXcursion: Unclaimed World

Friday eXcursion: Hearts Of Iron IV

Let me start with a confession: I’ve been fighting with the Hearts of Iron franchise for years. It’s a tough series to learn - I’ve tried. I’ve really tried. I’ve read about others trying; I’ve even watched others try (and succeed) online. Still, I’ve bounced off of each iteration every time, even with a few … Continue reading Friday eXcursion: Hearts Of Iron IV