Friday eXcursion: Hard West

Western-themed games are a surprisingly underrepresented bunch; strategy games with a western theme, even more so. How about western-themed strategy games with demonic overtones and a touch of choose-your-own-adventure style narrative? “Impossible,” you might say! Normally I would have agreed with you, right up until CreativeForge Games came along with Hard West. Hard West bills … Continue reading Friday eXcursion: Hard West

Release-Day eXcursion: Darkest Dungeon

I remember, years ago, going to see Van Helsing with a good friend at the local silver screen. It was an evening show and we were the only ones in the theater. Before you dismiss Van Helsing as a diabolical abomination of filmmaking (which it probably is, but whatevs), know this: the thrill of having … Continue reading Release-Day eXcursion: Darkest Dungeon

Prepare to be Assimilated: The Roguelike-ification of Games eXposition

The world of roguelikes and roguelike-likes (i.e. games with a selection of roguelike elements) is on the rise. In some ways, I wonder whether this is driven by the Nintendo-generation’s (or earlier) nostalgia for games that were f-ing hard. The kind of hard that made you throw the controller across the room. The kind of … Continue reading Prepare to be Assimilated: The Roguelike-ification of Games eXposition

Friday eXcursion: Crowntakers

Bulwark Studios’ Crowntakers is a strategy RPG with a hearty dose of roguelike elements thrown in. Ostensibly, the plot hinges around trying to rescue an imprisoned king who spoke to you in a dream. The king wants you to know that you are indeed the one and only super special chosen one who can free … Continue reading Friday eXcursion: Crowntakers

GalaCollider Kickstarter Announcement

Today GalaCollider, from NeoCrux Ltd., launches their crowdfunding drive on Kickstarter, which will run through  September 28th.   A brief introduction is in order. GalaCollider, among all the space 4X games currently in the works, is perhaps the most unique take on the genre. It is an intriguing union of a digital battle card game … Continue reading GalaCollider Kickstarter Announcement