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Mobile Market Machinations: An eXposition

Every so often the pendulum of conversation in eXplorminate’s discussion group swings back towards the topic of mobile gaming. The prevailing attitude appears to be one of skepticism, particularly among those who haven’t really dug into the mobile marketspace directly. Many have the perception that most mobile games are casual, free-to-play (F2P), in-app purchase (IAP) fueled, derivative garbage. Certainly there […]

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Friday eXcursion: Payday 2

I have stumbled onto a new gaming addiction. And fortunately for you, this addiction has a name: Payday 2. I am here, breathlessly, to talk to you about my new addiction and maybe, just maybe, reinstate my eXplorminator cred after having fallen into the deep end of first-person shooters (FPS). You get to be the judge. Payday 2 is a […]

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StarDrive 2: Sector Zero Review

In 2015, a massive wave of space-based 4X games crashed ashore with the release of StarDrive 2, Star Ruler 2, and Galactic Civilizations 3. 2016 is poised for an even bigger tsunami. Polaris Sector was released in March and the Master of Orion reboot hit Early Access back in February. And soon enough, Stellaris and Endless Space 2 will also […]

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Friday eXcursion: Hard West

Western-themed games are a surprisingly underrepresented bunch; strategy games with a western theme, even more so. How about western-themed strategy games with demonic overtones and a touch of choose-your-own-adventure style narrative? “Impossible,” you might say! Normally I would have agreed with you, right up until CreativeForge Games came along with Hard West. Hard West bills itself as a tactical turn-based […]

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Friday eXcursion: Crowntakers

Bulwark Studios’ Crowntakers is a strategy RPG with a hearty dose of roguelike elements thrown in. Ostensibly, the plot hinges around trying to rescue an imprisoned king who spoke to you in a dream. The king wants you to know that you are indeed the one and only super special chosen one who can free him. You’ve probably heard this […]