Friday eXcursion: Starward Rogue

Starward Rogue (SR) is a roguelike-like/lite, top-down twin-stick shooter from Arcen Games. It features bullet hell-style gameplay, interesting enemies, and random upgrades galore. Would you like to know more? Like most games developed by Arcen, SR has plenty of personality and loads of lo-fi charm that we’ve come to expect from the mad geniuses behind … Continue reading Friday eXcursion: Starward Rogue

Friday eXcursion: Into the Stars

To say that things are not going well would be an understatement. Your crew is injured, your ship is damaged, and - to make matters worse - the colonists that you are carrying are slowly starving and suffocating to death because your last resource expedition was less than fruitful. Meanwhile, the Skorn menace is still … Continue reading Friday eXcursion: Into the Stars

Pandora: First Contact – Eclipse Of The Nashira Review

Pandora: First Contact, released in 2013 by Slitherine and developed by Proxy Studios is a futuristic take on mankind’s colonization of a new and alien world. As usual, the story begins as humanity has managed to completely ruin the Earth, so we have left home and brought our wasteful habits to the stars. When it … Continue reading Pandora: First Contact – Eclipse Of The Nashira Review

Depth Charge: An eXposition

Language is kind of a funny thing. If you stop and think about it for a moment, you start to see that language is entirely made up. Letters and words are really just symbols with agreed upon meanings that we humans have devised to make communication easier. It is an excellent system in many ways, … Continue reading Depth Charge: An eXposition