Why Do We Have To Stop Playing Civilization VI: An eXposition

As you may have noticed, we at eXplorminate have posted a couple of pieces about Civilization 6 and our thoughts on what the future could (and hopefully should) hold if Firaxis is going to take the game to the next level. While each of the previous pieces offered exciting ideas on how to improve the … Continue reading Why Do We Have To Stop Playing Civilization VI: An eXposition

Endless Space 2 reeXamination #1

Since the release of Endless Space 2, Amplitude has graced its fans with multiple small FreeLCs spread out between their two major expansions. I’m going to kill two Cravers with one bomb by covering both the Vaulters and Supremacy expansions in this reexamination. For those of you who haven’t purchased the DLC yet don’t worry, … Continue reading Endless Space 2 reeXamination #1

Monday eXcursion: Total War – Warhammer 2

Sequels can be hard to pull off. Books, movies, and games all ride on the hopes and dreams of fans that are looking for something bigger and better than the original. I am happy to say that for this fan, Total War: Warhammer 2 (TW2) has largely pulled the whole sequel thing off. Or to … Continue reading Monday eXcursion: Total War – Warhammer 2

Dawn Of Andromeda Review

Sometimes, the timing of a video game release impacts the success of a game as much as the quality of the final product. Dawn of Andromeda, a pausable real-time 4X space game from Grey Wolf Entertainment, could be such a game. A little history lesson first - DoA is brought to you by the lead … Continue reading Dawn Of Andromeda Review

Galactic Civilizations III ReeXamination #2

When it comes to space 4X games, we are downright spoiled. The last couple of years have brought us space 4X titles such as Stellaris, Master of Orion, and, of course, Galactic Civilizations III! Released before the current flood of space 4X games (May 2015), GC3 initially made quite a splash within the 4X community. … Continue reading Galactic Civilizations III ReeXamination #2

Endless Legend: Tempest Review

This site has said some pretty nice things about Amplitude’s Endless Legend series over the years, all of which are still well deserved. Endless Legend: Tempest is the fourth expansion to this well-received game. If you were afraid the developer might fumble the most recent addition, worry no longer. In my review for Shifters (Endless … Continue reading Endless Legend: Tempest Review

Friday eXcursion: Seasons After Fall

4K resolution! Hundreds of Hours of Gameplay! Explosive Multiplayer! The bigger, shinier, and longer a game is, the better. Or so we are lead to believe. In the attempt to capture the spectacular, we sometimes forget that it was probably simple, enchanting gameplay that first drew us into the world of gaming. Seasons After Fall … Continue reading Friday eXcursion: Seasons After Fall