Stellaris: Utopia Review

When Stellaris launched I was one of many to shower it with acclaim. Here was the space 4X game we’d been waiting for that would revolutionize the genre. Of course, there were problems, but Stellaris showed the promise for something great, given time. We’re now almost a year distant from that launch, and some would … Continue reading Stellaris: Utopia Review

Monday eXcursion: Steamworld Heist

Created by Swedish developers Iron & Form, Steamworld Heist (and its accompanying expansion, The Outsider) is the third installment in the Steamworld series, following up from Steamworld Tower Defense and Steamworld Dig. The only thing Heist shares with its predecessors is the world in which it exists, a sort of post-human, steampunk/space opera universe populated … Continue reading Monday eXcursion: Steamworld Heist

Why is Game Storytelling So Bad?

People play games for any number of reasons: to be challenged, to fill their need for competition, to be immersed in a new, exciting world. I, for one, play games to experience the story. As a writer and (sometime) professional storyteller, I take a particular interest in how these stories are told. And lately I … Continue reading Why is Game Storytelling So Bad?

Friday eXcursion: Out Of The Park Baseball 18

If you’re a regular reader of this web site, then I feel it is safe to make certain assumptions about the kind of games you enjoy. Obviously, you like something strategic, preferably the kind of game that puts you in charge of a large organization that is looking to dominate the competition - a space … Continue reading Friday eXcursion: Out Of The Park Baseball 18

Stellar Monarch Review

Released in December of 2016, Stellar Monarch (SM) is a Space 4X-Grand Strategy Hybrid created by one of our regular eXplorminate forum members, Chris Koźmik and his company Silver Lemur Games. Originally, the game was called Pocket Space Empire, but it was too big to fit in a pocket, so the title was changed shortly after release. … Continue reading Stellar Monarch Review

Friday eXcursion: Frozen Cortex

We’re now in August, the moment my eye turns from my beloved, yet moribund New York Yankees, and I start to feel the pull of professional (American) football. While I suppose I could just wait for the next iteration of Madden and plunk down $60 on that, I have a far better way to scratch … Continue reading Friday eXcursion: Frozen Cortex

Release-Day eXcursion: Overfall

The first game from Istanbul-based Pera Games, Overfall is an RPG-style Rogue-like with FTL elements and… Oh my God, no! Another one? Come on, how many of these games does the universe need to have? I’m not writing about this. I refuse. I… Fine. Y’know what? FINE. But this is the last one, I swear. … Continue reading Release-Day eXcursion: Overfall