Stellaris ReeXamination #2

When Stellaris first launched in 2016, it was marketed under the slogan “Make Space Great Again.” Lately, I’ve been campaigning for Stellaris by co-opting a different American political rallying cry: “Keep Stellaris WeirdTM.” What I mean is, as Stellaris continues to grow and change (it’s basically a living organism at this point), I believe that … Continue reading Stellaris ReeXamination #2

What’s The Story With Civilization VI: An eXposition

Recently our patron saint and literal lord of the flies, Nate, wrote an article envisioning the next expansion for Civilization VI (Civ6). No, not Gathering Storm. That one’s already set. The next next one that we all hope will arrive in February, 2020. In Nate’s article, he talked all about adding a sci-fi aspect to … Continue reading What’s The Story With Civilization VI: An eXposition

Monday eXcursion: Star Control Origins

Accolade published Star Control II: The Ur Quan Masters in 1992. PC gaming was - if not in its infancy - a drooling, stumbling toddler. The original Civilization had only just released the previous year. It was an early time in game design and most of the tropes, conventions, and even the genres we’re so … Continue reading Monday eXcursion: Star Control Origins

Mobile eXperience: Pocket City

As our beloved 4X Golden Age slowly sinks into the deeper oranges of sunset, it’s clear that the sun has risen on a new era of city builder games. While developers continue to iterate on the established norms of the genre, players have plenty of options when it comes to constructing the metropolis of their … Continue reading Mobile eXperience: Pocket City

Star Control: Origins Preview

Of all the things I’ve had the privilege of doing here at eXplorminate, nothing would have excited my twelve-year old self more than this: I’ve gotten a sneak preview of the upcoming Star Control game from Stardock! The fine folks at Stardock gave me a chance to play the first chapter of their new game, … Continue reading Star Control: Origins Preview

Monday eXcursion: Frostpunk

Frostpunk is an exercise in misery. The latest city builder amongst many (SimCity, Cities: Skylines (C:S), the Anno series, Aven Colony, Surviving Mars and more), Frostpunk attempts something more than just the same old optimized living/working space,  building-placement puzzle. Frostpunk demands you ask yourself, again and again, how far you’ll go to ensure your people’s … Continue reading Monday eXcursion: Frostpunk

Friday eXcursion: Surviving Mars

Are we in a city builder renaissance? I’ve been told by many that this is so. With SimCity, Cities: Skylines (C:S), the Anno series, Aven Colony, and Frostpunk out amongst a host of others, there may never have been so many options for the burgeoning electronic metropolist. And yet. And yet, I can’t help but … Continue reading Friday eXcursion: Surviving Mars