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Weekly eXchange #59 – Catching Up

Join Rob and Nate as they discuss 4X and Strategy game news, including the Stellaris updates, Sorcerer King 1.4, Last Days of Old Earth and much, much more! Music by Mangadrive for eXplorminate Stellaris Steam Page Stellaris Dev Diary #13 Stellaris Dev Diary #14 Uplift Wars Series Galactic Civilization III Steam Page Paradox Interactive Official Site Sorcerer King Steam Page […]

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Happy Holidays from eXplorminate

We here at eXplorminate want to thank you for your support and wish you all happy holidays. We wouldn’t be here, busting our humps, without the fantastic feedback and support we get from you all. That’s more than enough of a present for us and we can’t thank you enough. Here’s one way we’ll thank you, though: we’ll choose a […]

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Endless Games Giveaway: Week Three Winners

Here we are again, giving away more games to our awesome community. Do you know we love you, yet? In celebration of Endless Legend’s and Dungeon of the Endless’ new content recently, Amplitude Studios has sent us a number of keys to give you, our dear members and readers. So, what’s up for grabs? 3 Keys for the “Endless Legend Collection“ 3 Keys […]

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Let’s Try Stars in Shadow

Join Rob as he eXplores the latest build of Stars in Shadow. The game is really coming along and we figured it was about time to feature it again. You can catch our podcast with the developers here: Ashdar Games Interview Podcast We also have a preview article here: Stars in Shadow Preview We’ll be keeping a close eye on […]

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Weekly eXchange #58 – An End Approaching

Join Rob and Nate as they discuss 4X and strategy game news, featuring StarDrive 2, Stars in Shadow, Lord of Rigel and others! Music by Mangadrive for eXplorminate Show Notes Mangadrive Stellaris Steam Page Stellaris Dev Diary #12 Crusader Kings 2 Steam Page Europa Universalis IV Steam Page StarDrive 2 Steam Page eXplorminate Interview with Dan Dicicco Master of Orion […]

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Friday eXcursion: Conquest of Elysium 4

I’ll admit it right now: I’m a newcomer to this series. Conquest of Elysium 4, created by Illwinter Game Design, follows in the footsteps of Dominions. Like Illwinter’s previous title, Dominions 4, CoE4 boasts more than 1500 units, 600 spells, and 300 magic items. The studio, a two-man team, has been hard at work on the series since the 1990s. […]