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WeX #25 – We’re Famous in Russia!

Nate and Rob talk about the upcoming Galactic Civilizations 3 beta and release date, Endless Legend Guardians DLC beta, Sorcerer King, a new game announcement, Apollo4X, At the Gates and much more! It’s been a busy week! Music by FlybyNo can be found and purchased here: Game Audio […]

Oriental Empires Announced!

A new 4X published by Iceberg Interactive, Oriental Empires looks to be some really exciting things with the genre! Here’s the official press release, with plenty of screenshots below it: Become Supreme Ruler of Ancient China in Oriental Empires (PC) Iceberg Interactive to Publish 4x Strategy Game Oriental […]

WeX #24 – A (Star)Drive in the Country

Rob and Nate talk about the recent release of Stardrive 2, Galaxia: Remember Tomorrow, Galactic Civilizations 3 and the website redesign!   Music from Star Ruler 2’s official soundtrack     Show Notes: eXplorminate’s New Site Stardrive 2 Master of Orion 3 Sword of the Stars 2 Davey’s […]