Friday eXcursion: Supreme League of Patriots

Supreme League of Patriots, from indie developers No Bull Intentions, is an entertaining point-and-click adventure centered around the world of superheroes. Episodic in nature, with three episodes in total, Supreme League of Patriots charts the journey of one Kyle Keever, a slobbish oaf with a dream of becoming a reality TV star. Players are invited … Continue reading Friday eXcursion: Supreme League of Patriots

Friday eXcursion: Kaiju-A-Go-Go

Welcome to the first-ever "Friday eXcursion", a feature we'll have on the occasional Friday where we'll be moving away from our chosen genre and look at some games that just appear to be plain ol' fun! First up: Kaiju-A-Go-Go! Remember the classic 80’s arcade title Rampage? Humans transformed into oversized monstrous beasts and started smashing … Continue reading Friday eXcursion: Kaiju-A-Go-Go

Star Ruler 2 Review

Blind Mind Studios’ Star Ruler 2 is a grand-scale 4X RTS that places players at the helm of building a complex sprawling empire, forged from the metaphorical space fires of rampant expansion, dominating conquest, and cunning diplomacy. Does that description sound appropriately epic enough for a game titled Star Ruler 2? From the game’s outset, … Continue reading Star Ruler 2 Review

Imagine Earth Preview

Imagine Earth, from two-man indie developers Serious Brothers, is a sandbox-style management sim with a healthy dose of strategy and a smattering of environmental conscientiousness. Yes, a video game that even Al Gore can enjoy. The game is set at some point in the distant future after multi-national corporations, running rampant in the free market, … Continue reading Imagine Earth Preview

Lords of the Black Sun Review

Lords of the Black Sun is the first major release from Portuguese indie dev company, Arkavi Studios. The developers describe their game as an “epic-sized complex and dense 4X strategy game,” so I was naturally thrilled to have the opportunity to review the title and put it to the test. Before delving into the depths … Continue reading Lords of the Black Sun Review