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Master of Orion Reboot Q&A

We recently had the opportunity to ask some questions of Chris Keeling, one of the main men behind the upcoming Master of Orion reboot, about their highly anticipated entry in the series and genre. Here’s what he had to say: First, thanks for taking the time to answer […]

Java MoO Q&A

We recently reached out to Ray Fowler, the man behind Java MoO, a reboot of Master of Orion. Java MoO is a two-man (Ray and an artist) effort to bring back the magic of the original Master of Orion by updating the art and maintaining the original gameplay […]

Sorcerer King Review

Every so often, you discover a game that sinks its claws in you. It’s the kind of game that you enjoy playing, enjoy reading about, enjoy watching videos of and enjoy talking about with anyone that will listen. They’re games that you want to succeed because you want […]

Stars in Shadow Preview

Stars in Shadow is a stylized indie 4X in the same vein as the classic Master of Orion II and is being developed by two people, Sven Olsen and Jim Francis. Jim, also known as Arioch, is a well known web comic artist responsible for Outsider, a science […]

Europa Universalis IV ReeXamination #1

Paradox’s DLC strategy is a pricing model I’d like to see other game developers adopt. With each of their mini-expansions, they release a fairly substantial patch that fixes bugs, polishes existing content, as well as adding new content to introduce or extend gameplay. For the players who want […]

Endless Legend ReeXamination #1

A few short months after Endless Legend was released and we’ve already seen two patches for it in the form of “add-ons”. The first, titled “Shades of Alteration”, brought about some minor bug fixes, some extra quests (including a somewhat Halloween-themed one) and most importantly to some, modding […]

The End Game and its Follies

The 4X strategy genre has, for the most part, had a very difficult time keeping its momentum going into the final act of the game. The games tend to become bogged down in a planet/city management hell. The exploration phase has long ended and, as such, nothing truly […]

Civilization: Beyond Earth Review

Something happened when I first saw gameplay of Civilization: Beyond Earth; I became upset. I became upset, almost angry, because I immediately thought “This is a studio-funded mod”. I was on the Firaxis Twitch channel, watching their first stream, so I began voicing that opinion and that I […]

My Day at FiraxiCon

Where They’re Going, They Don’t Need Roads… It’s amazing what happens to the Civilization series when it’s not bound by the limits of historical accuracy. The last time it veered off that course we were given Alpha Centauri and that has gone down as one of the finest […]