Stardock Releases Patch 3.8 for Galactic Civilizations 3

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Galactic Civilizations 3 (GC3) here at eXplorminate, but we’re happy to announce that Stardock has released version 3.8 today. Brad Wardell sent us this message today:

Today we’re releasing GalCiv III v3.8.  This update focuses on quality of life things, like user interface and font size, etc.

A few examples:

People can create and share their own civilizations.  There’s thousands of them. When you play the game, you can choose to have civilizations randomly added to the game.  We now give you the ability to control which civilizations are in that pool to pull random civs from.

We now let you change the difficulty level mid game.  This will affect the AI intelligence so if you’re doing really well, you can make things tougher or vice versa if you’re struggling.

We also went through the entire UI and improved the fonts, sizes, and what information is easily accessible.

Plus there’s a bunch of other improvements (listed below). We are also getting ready to release the next DLC later this month…

  • As soon as someone controls an Ascension crystal, have an icon show up and informs you that Ascension has started. Mousing over should show you how far along each civ with Ascension is from ascending as a % bar with (turns).
  • UI Layout updates
    • Updated most screens to use fonts, colors, and font sizes consistently.
    • Made fonts bigger wherever possible.
    • General cleanup of margins and list entries wherever possible.
    • Removed extra returns from the “word on the street” blurbs.
    • Move some of the drop-downs in options screens to keep them from clipping.
  • You can now adjust the difficulty level mid-game through the options screen (single player only).
  • Starting ships don’t append a number to their name unless another ship of the same design has already been spawned. This is to support custom flavorful names for core starting ships from starting ship designs
  • Updated starting ship names of factions added to the game after Crusade.
  • Shipyard display now shows how much production is being sent to that shipyard, so you know how fast it can build things.
  • Fixed an issue causing the unit buttons from not showing up in Medium UI on the Colony List screen.
  • Planet view list now displays research
  • Aliens can now be tagged as being available or unavailable as random civilizations
  • Fixed Tourism exploit in Crusade version of the Consulate
  • The AI has been ordered to stop freezing time to keep its mission ships safe (stuck turn fix)
  • Addressed “word on the street” grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Removed duplicate planet data in crusade and base game data folders that could potentially cause bad things(TM)
  • Adjusted the choose civ screen to improve text wrapping
  • Fixed alignment issue on the Drath starting screen
  • Fixed a bug that prevented commanders from being assigned to United Earth ships

Beyond 3.8

We are already working on v3.9.  That version will be a pretty big balance update based on player feedback and new strategies that keep emerging.  It will also include new AI updates to deal with the updated balance.


-Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock

We’re not sure if there’s any other 4X game on the market that’s received the level of post-release support that GC3 has. Over four years after the base game released, Stardock continues to make the game better. In fact, it’s high time that we here at eXplorminate give it the ReeXamination treatment. Stay tuned for that soon!

In the mean time, enjoy the quality of life upgrades and the other improvements found in version 3.8 of GC3!

3 thoughts on “Stardock Releases Patch 3.8 for Galactic Civilizations 3

  1. “You can now adjust the difficulty level mid-game through the options screen (single player only).”

    This is a new trend that I just wished it went away. I know, I know, it is about personal choices. Who cares, right? That is true. But it is also the principle of the thing. It is a hack, if I ever saw one. And as far as hacks are concerned, I’d rather they gave me cheat codes. At least with those I won’t be fooling myself I am doing something else.

    But even if someone may wish to argue the above, for 4x and GS games games this opportunity to change difficulty level mid game has a whole lot more impact than simply the number of hitpoints on a Cacodemon. If I am playing GalCiv on Genius and change that to Normal because I am having trouble dealing with the AI production levels, I just changed the game drastically to affect those production levels, but also affect the AI economy, fleet maintenance costs and power, ship hitpoints and maintenance costs, etc etc etc. On some cases the drops/rises amount to 50% of the current level. And all I did was just lower the difficulty level 2 notches.

    Now, I have not been around GalCiv community for a while. But I don’t see this being a request there. I have no idea why such a game like GalCiv feels this is a necessary feature.

    My advise: if anyone thinks they may want to use this sometime in the future take a look at GalCiv3AIDefs.xml before making any decisions and see the impact of the changes you are about to make.

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