Pax Nova Community Appreciation Update

Grey Wolf Entertainment has released its first major patch for Pax Nova, titled the “Community Appreciation Update” and it has a whole host of goodies! You can find the list below and expect a Let’s eXplore series soon from Rob! Here’s a message from Iceberg and Grey Wolf:

Hello everyone,

We are happy to release our first update from the roadmap today! As stated in the roadmap we published last month, the ‘Community Appreciation Update’ includes: more planetary colonization options, enhanced planetary differentiation, improvements to diplomacy and space + a new tech era.

Another much requested improvement we’ve added is City UI tooltips. These show the different factors affecting Prosperity, Income Balance, Pollution and Harmony.

Read the full changelog below for every little detail, and let us know what you think! Your feedback is valuable, and we try our best to read all of your suggestions.


  • Implemented Artifacts mechanics
  • Implemented Planet Traits
  • Implemented Space Mining and space deposits
  • Implemented Homeworld mechanic: When the player loses all control of its homeplanet he gets the Mourning trait, which decreases Prosperity for 15 turns
  • All colonizable planets settings now generate 80% more colonizable planets and 
  • Added the Very Rare colonizable planets option, which is equivalent to what Rare was previously
  • Rebalanced tech tree and required Knowledge to advance certain eras
  • Added 22 new technologies and a new technological Era
  • Only a certain of specific Strategic Resources are now generated in each planet
  • AI now use Influence, Strategic Resources and Aether in their deals
  • Added Yridium and Usselium strategic resources
  • Added Total War mode: Players start at war and can’t sign peace deals
  • Added Lore Related relation factors, can be disabled when starting a game
  • Added Kingdom of Alnon faction illustration
  • Increased distance between starting factions
  • Added 4 new quests
  • Added 5 new random events, one with the player being able to find a random artifact
  • Rock Worms are now hidden at the start of the game and only start being aggressive by mid to late game, when the actual event pops up
  • Rock Worms are now stronger, with more Health and Damage
  • Added Dragon Scarab land creature
  • Seal Victory now requires 70% of all seals
  • Score Victory now requires 90000 points
  • Transcendence tech now requires 5000 Research Production
  • City UI Prosperity, Income Balance, pollution and Harmony tooltips now show the different factors affecting it 
  • Added tooltips to City Growth and Citizen Growth further breaking down what variables need to be met before the city grows or gains another citizen
  • Planets that can’t be colonized can now be mined with a Space mining module
  • Planet UI now show whether planets can be colonized, are colonized or can be mined with the Space Mining module 
  • Selected Planet panel now shows Planet traits and Strategic Resources
  • Redesigned Planet Info panel, now also includes Strategic Resources
  • Citadels now sell Artifacts
  • Research menu is now named the Science menu to accommodate for Artifacts
  • Added sound effect when selecting an artifact and using, selling or dissolving it.
  • The systems UI in the Galaxy view now indicate whether or not we have found a planet we can colonize but haven’t yet, even if we have a presence there
  • AI now uses Strategic Resources, Aether and Influence when negotiating their diplomacy proposals
  • Improved AI’s management of economy, military and city defences
  • Updated all Space Stations, with the Corvus and Drosk now having their own ones
  • Added new artwork for some special modules
  • Strategic Resources now show in the UI immediately if the player is exploiting it
  • Planet wide pollution is now calculated on average per each city and takes forests into account
  • Added total pollution generated, Planet traits and Strategic Resources to Planet Info 
  • Planet Info button is now in text and displaying Planet Traits, Total pollution and Strategic Resources 
  • Total planet pollution showing averages instead of being cumulative
  • When a planet reaches 45 total pollution it gains the Heavily Polluted Air trait, triggers and event and the Criticize Pollution Diplomatic option becomes available if the player controls a city in that planet
  • The planet info panel now shows the limit (45.0) of Pollution in a planet until the Heavily Polluted Air trait is added
  • Improved clicking sound effects
  • Improved Food Production tooltip to be more clear and indicate how much Food each Citizen consumes
  • Improved some special abilities description to include how much Aether activating them costs
  • Fixed units getting causing status effects wrongly during combat when they don’t have any status causing abilities
  • Fixed Minor Faction names wrongly showing “Institute” instead of their actual name after loading a game
  • Fixed planet info panel being rendered behind some panels
  • Fixed Science tech tree not being researchable when playing with a custom faction with the Technocratic trait
  • Fixed some Special Abilities tooltips not opening
  • Fixed Ships not landing after load bug because of terraforming
  • Fixed all units being unselectable after load bug because of terraforming
  • Fixed instance where the UI would become unusable after trading with the AI
  • Fixed rare issue that caused some districts being unselectable
  • Fixed ability counters not displaying correctly after loading a game
  • Fixed Titanium Plates being wrongly updated on templates that shouldn’t need it
  • Fixed “Ship belonging to an unknown faction” notification showing to the player even if that ship belongs to the player
  • Fixed AI buying production in a district or city more than once in the same turn
  • Fixed Chapter IV – The Scientist quest being bugged out and not allowing players to get the Inquire Citadel option if the Citadel already has 3 products in the Tier 2
  • Fixed City factors tooltips (Harmony, Balance, Prosperity)

Have a great day, and we’ll see you in August for the second update!

-Iceberg Interactive and Grey Wolf Entertainment

Well, that’s quite the list! We’re excited to dive back in and see how Pax Nova has improved. Stay tuned for that aforementioned Let’s eXplore by Rob!

2 thoughts on “Pax Nova Community Appreciation Update

  1. Looking forward to hearing what people think of this – seems like a major patch. You know those games that you want to play right away and are willing to wait for all the updates to come out? This isn’t one of them for me. But it looks interesting and if the updates make it fun and balanced to play I’m very interested.



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