Interstellar Space: Genesis Releases July 25th

We recently received word that the project formerly known as Project Space Sector, from the caretakers of our old sister-site,, will be releasing July 25th. That’s less than a week from now and we here at eXplorminate are very excited to see how Interstellar Space: Genesis has turned out.

Rob will be diving in deep with a new Let’s eXplore soon, so stay tuned for that, but in the meantime, here’s a message from Adam Solo and MalRey, co-developers of Praxis Games:


Today I have the pleasure to announce the release date for the full release of Interstellar Space: Genesis. ISG will release on Steam, Humble and on July 25!

Here’s the Launch trailer: 

We also hit Gold. This means that the game is complete and the final build is now ready to be launched on July 25!

Soon, you will be able to embark in a voyage of discovery through the universe of Interstellar Space: Genesis!

Adam Solo & MalRey
Praxis Games

Cheers, Adam and MalRey! We look forward to formally reviewing your spiritual MoO2 successor within the next couple weeks!

4 thoughts on “Interstellar Space: Genesis Releases July 25th

  1. sincerly one of the rare games that got me to the spirit of Master of Orion univrse , this game has potential and will go far !!! and it has all my support too =) , i just love it

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  2. I know Master of Orion is a huge inspiration here, but I’m also getting a lot of Galciv influence as well. Since Moo2 and Galciv3 are my favorite space 4X of all time, I couldn’t be more excited for this.



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