Fields Of Glory: Empires Is Coming!

Remember when you were sitting in high school Latin class, thinking, ‘This is a tremendous waste of time’? Well the joke’s on you! Slitherine has released their newest trailer for Field of Glory: Empires, and it’s in LATIN. Veni vidi vici! Rana parvus est! (Sorry, that’s all the Latin we know).

That’s another term for the Middle East.

In any case, this two minute trailer (which was also released in actual, spoken languages) is part of the pre-launch buildup for FoG:E, which will be available on July 11. The new game will put PC players in charge of the Roman Empire with the goal of taking over the (known) world.

Someone got lucky…

FoG:E also includes the ability to fight your battles in Field of Glory 2, the excellent turn-based tactics game set in the same time period. With the click of a button, Empires takes your army composition, your opponent’s forces, and the general terrain you’re fighting over and sends it over to FoG2. The tactical game generates a battle on an appropriate procedural map and you duke it out with your soon-to-be royal subjects. Once your enemy has been beaten to a pulp, you push a button to send the result back to your Empires campaign. It’s totally optional, and the transition between games is admittedly a little clunky, but the fact that it’s even possible for these two great games to interact at all is pretty amazing.

Wa… Er, Math is hell!

And for those of you looking for even more Classical language classes, Slytherine promises to release the entire game in Latin if they sell upwards of 250,000 copies. Never knew those dead language classes would ever pay off, did ya?

Someone is out of shape!

Be sure to check out the new trailer and come back to eXplorminate for even more coverage (in English) of this exciting new release!

10 thoughts on “Fields Of Glory: Empires Is Coming!

  1. This is indeed an interesting game! Have just watched the 5 new DasTactic’s tutorials for this game and it is indeed involved! Pair that with the possibility to export the battles into FoG2 and you have an insta-win! Excited to see the finished product!


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